Amma Bhagawan Goat Farms is situated at the outskirts of Mysore, Karnataka, India and offer a variety of services ranging from boarding to breeding of goats. AB Goat Farm, Mysore knows that it takes a lot of hard work to establish a good business and strives to do its best to earn customer trust. Our customers are assured they are getting a great goat from a very responsible and honest source. We have successfully achieved top-notch quality standards with a high level of customer appreciation resulting in long lasting relations and large amount of referral work through technological breakthrough and innovative concepts.

Farm is Set across a lush green campus, such that food supply would not be an issue anytime. Also proper shedding is done for Goats. This adequate space and food provides better breeding and living conditions.

AB Goat Farm have team of experts that look after the goats, the most important is team of doctors, secondly they have maintained proper hygienic conditions, that was the utmost requirements, proper identification system for goats is done. AB Goat Farm has adopted and implemented modern and systematic scientific methods to make goat farming a more commercially viable proposition. All goats are grown steadily in hygienic conditions. The professionally trained staff at AB Goat Farm ensures the proper management of data and record keeping tracking the progress and growth of each goat. Regular medical-checks and vaccinations ensure the goats stay healthy and disease free.